WordPress Plugin, Requires WordPress, by

With Kim Albee from Genoo, we have created this seamless integration of Genoo marketing platform, with the powerfull WordPress backend.

The idea behind this project was to make the platform non-system dependent. You see, Genoo does provide their own CMS system to their costumers, but we needed to remove this barrier and bring the same experience to all the WordPress users as well. And we didn't stop with just creating the same experience, we have gone lot furhter than that.

Unique features:

  • Api calls caching
  • Theme checker that finds if required hooks are implemented
  • Uniqie shortcodes for CTA's, Forms and Lumens class lists
  • Placable widgets
  • First ever dynamic call-to-action widgets
    • You can dynamically display your call-to-actions on pages / posts in any sidebar assigned in your theme in any position.
  • Lead capture forms with bulletproof popups, that work even without javascript
  • Super-simple settings page with multiple options and form themes