Comment Attachment

WordPress Plugin, Requires WordPress, by

I've made this plugin because I needed this functionality for a one of our projects and I was devastated to find out, that nothing like this was in existence.

Comment Attachment allows your visitors to attach files with their comments, such as documents and images and many others. It uses only built in wordpress hooks, and provides you with multiple settings in your admin. With those you can:

  • Select if the upload field is before or after the default comment fields.
  • Make attachment a required field.
  • Select a label of upload field (default is Upload Attachment)
  • Select a label of attachment in comment text (default is Attachment:)
  • Select which file types are allowed to be attached.
  • Select if attachment is visible in the the actual comment.
  • Select if attachment should be attached to post your visitor comments on, or not.
  • Select position of attachment in comment, either before the main comment, or after it.
  • Decide whether attachment can be downloaded.
  • Decide if the attachment image should be displayed in a comment and select image size (it automatically loads all image sizes set up in your wordpress installation and by your theme using add_image_size)
  • Restrict file size of uploaded attachment.
  • Try WordPress 3.6^ experimental audio / video player.