My name is Martin Pícha, I come from a small town called Doksy (now living in Australia) and I'm a simple fella in love with what I do, which is web development, motorbikes, gym, travelling, all outdoor activites, my family and my life in general. I am a Web Developer and I've been in the industry for over six years now and since then, a lot has changed. On this small site I'd like to showcase some of the handpicked websites, apps and plugins that I've done or I'm working on, since all of them wouldn't probably fit in here. In each of those projects, I'll try to be as descriptive, fun and informative as possible.


Even though I worked with multiple agencies in my life, and collaborated on multiple projects in-house and freelancing, I am a huge believer in one-man projects. Despite their obivous lower production values, in my experience they can often beat out big teams in terms of production quality.

And since I have had the unique opportunity to experience so many different managment styles, and production flows from all the places I have lived and worked in (Czech Republic, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia - New South Wales) I have developed pretty straight-forward workflow and bulletproof techniques that help me achieve desired result every time. I always tend to go with the most simpliest, yet cross-browser working solution, that's not heavy depenedent on browser, or code mass. With that logic in mind, I would rather write the solution completely from scratch, then use a half-working solution that in the end requires more work and human power to make complient.


From the cms systems, and code libraries / frameworks I use on almost on daily basis I would like to highlight these:

Google Closure


I could give it a go and talk about my experience in CSS3 and PHP being 8 out of 10, but the naked truth is, if you don't know what those words mean, you don't care how good I write here I am with using them, and if you do know what those words represent, you know it's madness to self-asses your own skills based on your opinion, so I'll do you one better, simply have a look at my work and contact me if you have any questions.